This short film was produced in the context of a course of my Digital Media program of study in Bremen. The task was to reproduce a professional film as a no-budget production with a maximum length of ten minutes. We chose the 2006 action film Crank (Wikipedia / imdb).

Being only one of several tasks of the course the aim of this exercise was for us to get used to the basics of filming, working with 3D-objects, video cutting and postproduction, but being fascinated by video production we soon got the aim to get the project on a semi-professional level, which resulted in our group exceeding the target quite a bit. Although still in the context of this course it got more or less a self-contained project for us resulting in an HD-movie. In consequence of our work, an internal award ceremony of the University of Bremen resulted in the prize for the "best film."

My personal fields of activity were in directing, filming and synchronizing the postproduction. Also I play the character Carlito, the boss of the protagonist, although acting might not exactly be my strong suit.

Unfortunately, there are no English subtitles available, but just as the original our short movie does not lives from great dialogues, anyways. :)