Nachtaktiv (Nocturnal)

Nachtaktiv (Teaser) from Tobias Poel on Vimeo.

In February 2009 we spent a weekend in a 24/7 supermarket from monday 9 am to saturday 12 pm (opening hours like these are very rare in Germany). We were filming the scene and interviewing customers and the personnel. We only did a break on Saturday morning to get some sleep and on Sunday when the market is closed.

The result is a 38 min long HD movie published on a Blue Ray disk (among with two more documentaries by other film-makers from Bremen). The aim of the documentary is to get to know the kind of people who are shopping at night and to show why they are doing this during night time. Furthermore we examined whether there are social differences between people shopping at night and people shopping in the daytime. It became a very light-hearted documentary and the reactions during and after the screenings were very positive.

I was the camera unit and did the cutting in this project.