Touch-less HCI in the Operating Room

My Bachelor thesis was about designing a touch-less interface to be used by surgeons during liver operations to view and explore the operation planning data.

The thesis is available in German only, but I might give an English summary in the near future.

Nowadays, physicians are supported by software products for vision-based medicine which simplify diagnosis and help to plan interventions. For instance for complicated hepatic operations, resection lines can be drawn and the volume of the remnant can be calculated through a virtual resection of the liver. Despite the proceedings in technology, there is no satisfactory solution yet for using the digital data in the operating room.
This thesis presents a concept of an application that provides access to this planning data while complying with the special requirements during surgeries. In addition, a suggestion for an extension of the application will be made. With this extension, the surgeon can change the resection plan, if he detected additionally diseased tissue. The program is designed for the navigation via gestures and with this in mind, we will analyze it in terms of functionality, techniques and algorithms. Next to that, this thesis includes several drafts of the graphical user interface and concepts of hand gestures for human-computer interaction. Based on this, a description of how to implement the application will be given.

Download PDF [8.9 MB]